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Dark Geeks
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This a community for the geeky side in everyone. Im not talking about the people who are geeks through and through, but theres those of us that hide our inner geek behind a calm exterior, or extreme in some cases. We are geeky, but not nerds. I personlly hate nerd rock, and oily fat little nerds worshipping george lucas and eating greasy pizza. But we like alot of things that are geeky and Im not ashmed to admit it. Most of us have jobs and we do not live in our parents basement Downloading porn, and discussing star trek in a chat room.
On this community you can discuss current gaming events, or games that came out. Post about recent or upcoming conventions, post pictures of costumes you might have made, talk about recent movies, and sci-fi events, Discuss which game platform is better, ETC...
Most of all this a pplace to be free to enjoy the things you like and discuss them. Have fun.