gojobs (gojobs) wrote in geek_out,

Check it out, I know this blog is mainly about computer gaming (cool stuff, by the way) but I figure that gamers need jobs, too! I work for an online job board called GOJobs.com, we are in the middle of a major site redesign.  Part of the redesign is to concoct targeted pages, for example, we have one here that I think would interest most of the people reading and posting to this blog:




All the jobs on that page are in the gaming or entertainment industry.  Check it out and leave some feedback, let me know what you think.  Thanks a lot for reading, and keep gaming! (I’m currently trying to beat both MGSIV and GTAIV before Spore comes out, while also working on a Shaman in EQ II. TOO MANY GAMES MEANS MAD WIFE AND BRAIN DRAIN! (I kid; you can of course never have too many games.)

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