August 19th, 2008


Recruiting promo team for DragonCon

I am going to be attending DragonCon this year to assist my dear friend, Matt Kelland with the promotion of Moviestorm.

Matt has designed and produced over 100 games for mobile phones, digital TV, and Internet, as well as material for RPGs, table-top wargames and board games. He is co-author of Machinima and co-founder of Short Fuze. He'll be doing several panels on Machinima & Moviestorm at the convention this year and is looking to build a team to assist in handing out marketing materials to attendees.

About Short Fuze & Moviestorm:

Short Fuze is at the forefront of a revolution in mass market movie-making. With the growth of social media and video-sharing sites, everyone wants to create movies, but it is just not cheap, fun or easy enough for most people to make movies and post them.

Moviestorm puts 3D animation into the hands of everyone.

Learn more about Moviestorm and download it for free on their website:

If you are attending DragonCon this year or local to the Atlanta area and interested in joining the Moviestorm promo team, please contact me at anna @ to find out what we can offer for your assistance.