August 1st, 2007


Intranet/Apache/IP issue

ok, this is getting posted a few places because I'm head/desk-ing all over the place on it.

Have Intranet, Intranet is based around an OS X Mac running Apache/PHP/MySQL. Was working fine, OS X server (just regular OS X but the machine is designed to work as a server) was at someone's house. Worked fine with the IP it had there and everything pointing to it, which was actually the IP of the router it was connected to I believe. This was the ServerName address in httpd.conf . Server moved to small office, BOOM.

Updated the ServerName value in httpd.conf to the proper IP for the machine, however if you try and go to that IP (how the intranet works there, via the browsers connecting to that ip then going where they need to from the index page there) it gives a "Forbidden" error (don't think it's even a 403) and says that you don't have permission to connect to the OLD IP address. I don't understand this, we even disconnected it from the internet to see if it was even actually trying to connect to that IP and no, same error. Anything else and it says it cannot be reached when the uplink is disconnected, so definitely a problem on the server somehow. On top of that, localhost and will work, the machine will reach out to the internet and can be mounted in internet explorer with the \\servername\path\etc., however this won't let us access the PHP processor to display the pages, just the files themselves.

Is there anywhere else that a problem like this could lurk? Just uninstall Apache and re-install? I've never removed Apache from a machine or done a make of apache or anything else on a mac so I'm not exactly sure how to if that would even help. Really don't understand what's going on and I need to get this up ASAP. :( Any help please? Will repay in kind somehow, not monetarily but somehow (work, knowledge, something).


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