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Announcing “The Double Exposure DEXCON 9 DDR Championship”!

Announcing “The Double Exposure DEXCON 9 DDR Championship”, sponsored by:

WHEN: Qualifier Rounds – (One session each day) July 13th, 14th, 15th. Finals – July 15th.

WHERE: The East Brunswick Hilton, East Brunswick New Jersey @ DEXCON 9, a 96-hour gaming extravaganza, boasting every form of gaming under the sun, a complete con suite, offering complimentary snacks, drinks, and amazing parties every night!!

FEE: There is no fee to participate in this event, but there is a membership registration fee to DEXCON 9 itself. For more information on registration, or to pre-register for DEXCON 9 online and save, go to www.dexposure.com

FORMAT: The Double Exposure DEXCON 9 DDR Championship is a head-to-head, double elimination format tournament, using DDR Extreme 2, for the PlayStation 2 game console. The competition will consist of 3 qualifying sessions, followed by a final session comprised of top finishers from each of the qualifiers.

The initial matches in any round will be determined by random draw. Qualifying round matches will consist of a set of three songs. One song will be chosen by each player, and in the qualifying round, the final song will be chosen at random. Both players must agree upon difficulty, for each dance, before starting the dance. If one player requests a higher difficulty, and his/her opponent refuses, they must accept the lower difficulty request. The minimum difficulty for any song must be “light”.

After each dance, the scores for that dance will be compared. The player with the higher score for each individual dance will be awarded a victory point. If both players fail out of a dance, no victory points will be awarded for that dance. The most victory points after all 3 songs are completed, wins the match. All 3 songs must be played regardless of the outcome of the previous songs, as physical exhaustion is considered a relevant factor in this event.

In the Finals Session, all records are wiped clean, and play proceeds as described in the qualifier rounds. Unlike the qualifier, the Tournament staff shall select the third dance of every match in the Finals selection, for the players.

o Speed Mods are not allowed
o Failure to report to the pads for a match within 60 seconds of your name being called by the tournament staff shall be counted as an automatic loss.
o The Tournament staff will provide all equipment. Personal equipment is not permitted.
o NO SONGS ARE BANNED!! The only limitation on difficulty is the agreement between you and your opponent. If both of you feel up to
a challenge track, we welcome the opportunity to see your skills!
o While this tournament is played on a console version, the staff employs a high definition, InFocus LCD projection unit. Our screen is as big as most arcade units, and our sound system is top notch, because we’re fans too!!

If you have any questions about the tournament, DEXCON 9, or any
other Double Exposure event, please contact our Track Director at

Double Exposure Electronic Gaming, a division of:
Double Exposure, Inc.
"Gaming the way it was Meant to Be!"
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