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An Important Announcement from Double Exposure, Inc.

We at Double Exposure, Inc. are very, very proud today to unveil a project many months in the making. Our vision for the last 15 years: To be a leader in the gaming industry regarding trends, concepts and hospitality. Today marks a milestone in that quest.

Since our reorganization in 2001, Double Exposure, Inc. has overseen numerous projects and endeavors encompassing many areas of our industry, including the following:

* Among our other conventions and events, we successfully relaunched DEXCON, our flagship National Gaming Convention, and brought thousands of happy faces through East Brunswick, New Jersey.

* We pioneered the National Championship Circuit which now contains dozens of board games, wargames and role playing games played across 30 conventions throughout the United States.

* We helped to form the North American Gaming Alliance, which will showcase many ongoing campaigns in various role playing systems throughout the United States and Canada.

* We set new standards for the promotion and status of Game Companies, Distributors and Independent Publishers at our conventions.

* We have continued to maintain the largest continuous live role playing game in the history of the industry (The Avatar System) for over 10 years, giving our conventions and the East Coast a basis of players for all other endeavors.

Because of our guidance and interest in all of these diverse areas of the industry, we have literally dozens of different discussion lists, mailing lists, interest groups and bulletin boards to keep track of. Today, that era comes to an end, and a new one begins...

Double Exposure presents its ALL-NEW web site, designed to be the virtual center of the North American Gaming Industry.

Beginning today, the Double Exposure web site will act as a non-partisan and non-publisher-specific arena for ALL Game Publishers, Game Companies, Convention Managers, Vendors, Groups, Societies, Gamemasters and Players throughout North America. All members will be welcomed free of charge, without any political bias, wth only one goal in mind: To re-energize and expand the entire gaming industry, to bring the sense of fun and excitement back to the community via the internet.

The new site contains public and private forums for all of the various shards of the industry, a calendar for the industry and its people, and a chat area to bring great minds together in real-time. In the near future, it will include web-based role playing areas for all RPGs (including the Avatar System). Our number one priority is to bring together all of the various factions of the industry for common discussion and sharing of ideas.

Please join us at your leisure. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Vincent Salzillo, President
Double Exposure, Inc.
Gaming the way it was MEANT to be!
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